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Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Does anyone else think that too often we search in the wrong place? So then, where is it?

This photo comes from an expression of love, a series of thoughts and feelings that I felt through someone else's soul, and I painted them in a picture.

If you had your heart broken, you have loved.

But what is it to love, and to be loved?

I also used to ask myself those questions, but I came to a deeper realization that love is something that I have been giving, because love is within ourselves, and not everyone is prepared to receive it; you can't put a crystal glass in the hands of a child without expecting him to eventually drop it and let it break. That's when we get that horrible sensation of loosing Love, but remember: that can't happen, once you recognize it, is intrinsic inside you, part of your essence. Therefore everyone is highly responsible to protect the love that lives inside each one of us.

Very easily we are incline to adopt one of these two behaviours: we become extremely amenable towards someone, or we hold back excessively. The first means we are going far from our true selves, causing a status of disconnection, where we never feel understood; and this is one of the biggest human need and desire.

On the other side, we often hold back due to being scared that someone will likely disappoint us, again; and because is too much effort to commit anyway, we are so busy right?

The truth is that every time I loved, whether has been for years, months or hours, I shared my pure essence and inner self, but I never lost it, each time I learned to appreciate its measure and quality.

No one can take that away.

Who you consider the "right" person, should be the one who doesn't try to take everything you have to offer without even acknowledge it; but is the one that sees your Love, sees your shine and she/he doesn't want to just get hold of it for a selfish need of filling some emptiness. Instead, this person is naturally attracted to look after that incredible mix of characteristics that make you so unique and special, and is going to nurture your Love, look after it, and that's when it grows.

So, first of all you should learn to recognize what you are capable of, not in an egocentric manner but in a conscious awareness, be the first one to see and respect your Love. Once you have that, don't keep it locked in a secured box for fear of losing it, let it come out, let it be powerful. That's you, and there's nothing better.

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