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So, why did I paint my face?

Well actually I'd like to paint my entire body.

I had this idea one day in Bali, after a scooter ride, drinking a hot tea and chatting with someone who I consider inspirational, with whom I connected in the past but was meeting for the first time in person; witnessed by a shy sunset behind some clouds just where the sea starts.

I learned that some people associate persons/letters/numbers/words to colours, which I find really interesting. So, I thought "what colour would I be? And my name? And what would it mean?". I have been on a stage before, and at the time of choosing the lights that I wanted to have, I learned that every colour is linked to an emotion and aims to convey a specific feeling.

All about feelings.

Even the most objective thing, can be still interpreted in a different way depending who's looking at it and what happened to them in the rest of their life.

Back to colours, I thought it was a really cool way to express without talking, similar to painting. Isn't every form of art communicating something?

Was not sure what it was that I had to get out of me, so I just started getting colours on my hands, initially thinking which part would I paint with what colour and why, and soon after just focusing on the sensation of letting the paint slip on my skin.

It's a deep connection with yourself, trying to leave the external world outside the room and just focusing on who you see in the mirror, without worrying about being an adult getting dirty and messy, no rules, just feel free, and simply watching how every stroke looks like on your skin.

There's a physical touch involved in doing this, that we would otherwise hardly practice on ourselves, and it feels therapeutic.

Caressing your face, your body. Cuddling.

Maybe even giving more light and beauty to some parts you don't appreciate much.

You might use some cold colours to liberate tears that don't actually come out, or some disappointment, anger, sadness; could it be on your eyes? your lips? simply anywhere but reminds you of something?

Would you choose warm colours to show that kiss, or hug that makes you happy? That sibling who makes you laugh, the new opportunity you got, the change you are embracing?

Crying is as good as laughing, in any colour :)

On a continuous journey of self growth; if you'd also like some nice tips on how to recognise and deal with emotions, have a look at the Konecta Coaching project :) .

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